Islamic Knowledge ​

Islam provided a great impetus for the acquisition of human knowledge. The first verse that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Iqra, which means “read”, opening the door to read, write and meditate. The Qur’an urges human beings to think, reflect, reflect and acquire knowledge that brings them closer. For the sake of God and His creation. The Qur’an uses repetition to inculcate some important concepts in the consciousness of its listeners.

  • The names of famous prophets
  • The names of heavenly books
  • Call to prayers of prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H
  • The names of  famous angles
  • Basically creed (aqaaids)
  • Islamic pillars
  • Ten lucky companions of prophet who got jannah order in their life
  • kinds of eman (emaniyaat)
  • Four Islamic khalifas
  • islamic stories
  • The full name of prophet P.B.U.H
  • Sign of prophetic
  • The role of prophet P.B.U.H
  • Prayer places of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The dress of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The servants of prophet P.B.U.H
  • Sisters and brothers of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The wives of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The parents and children’s of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The born and died details of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The inspirational life of prophet P.B.U.H
  • The prophetic letters

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